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A Piece of String?
At the Pacific Bell (at&t) construction yard where I work, there is a big yellow 30 cubic yard dumpster into which we place the day’s trash before we park our trucks. You’ve all seen these dumpsters, either sitting beside the road or being carried on a special truck to the dumps.
Once or twice a week the dumpster is picked up and carried away. Before the driver of the truck hooks up the winch to pull the dumpster onto the truck, he checks to make sure the doors are closed and securely locked. At the back of the dumpster are two heavy doors that can be opened in order to dispose of the load. The doors are locked into place by a thick, heavy, welded bar that fastens into a latch. The handle on the latch is held in place by… Are you ready?…
A Piece of string! So-let me repeat. The piece of string is tied across the handle that holds the bar into the latch that locks the doors that contains the load. The final thing the driver does before driving down the road is to make sure there is a strong knot tied in the string.
I like to define FAITH as a dependence upon the dependability of Another. The Focal Point of our faith must be something other than our own personal strength and ability, wisdom and understanding, discipline and courage.
In all our lives, we have times that our weakness is overwhelming. We examine our “stuff” and sometimes all we see is trash. It’s easy for our focus to be on the trash. Where is faith when others seem to dump their trash into our lives? Too often, we focus on the weakness we see in our abilities to sustain or control our lives. Will we be strong enough to carry the load? Will our faith be strong enough to stand the test? Where do we find the strength to hold the bar in place so the doors stay closed when our lives are tossed and turned?
Good News!!!!…we don’t have to have the strength of the massive double doors, or the heavy handle, or even the lowly latch. All we have to do is make sure our piece of string is tied in place! That piece of string, that FAITH which sustains our lives is Our Dependence upon the dependability of the strength of the Lord! FAITH in our lives is a simple piece of string that ties us to the Dependability of the Lord!
Have you admired those with strong faith in times of trial? We remember the stories from old about great people of faith who supported orphanages, met tremendous challenges, and faced the tragedies of their lives with strength, courage and peace. How did they? What lessons did they learn that gave them such great faith?
Perhaps… Perhaps they learned that all they need is to…
Depend upon the strength of Another!
Perhaps… They learned that all they need to do is….
Tie a knot in their string and hang on!
Footnote…The bar that holds the doors closed?
It’s in the shape of a cross!
jim catlett 8-28-08
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