As we abide in His Presence
We discover His Power

As we partake of His Power
He provides Purity

As we walk in His Purity
We live in Peace

His Power…
His Purity…
His Peace…

A Process that begins, grows, and matures
In HIS Presence

We hunger for His Power
We vividly see our need for Purity
We desperately desire to know Peace
If it all is a product of His presence

The Vital Question Becomes…
HIS Presence? How?

In those times our weakness overwhelms
On the days we know we’re not pure
When Peace flees like smoke before the storm
When the process seems to be bondage…

HIS Presence? How?

We COME…simply because He calls
We ENTER…with His Grace
We SUBMIT…Because He cares
We ABIDE…Because He LOVES!

3 thoughts on “HIS PRESENCE! – HOW?

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