Morning Time

As I was having my quiet time this morning, I began to reflect on how important
it is for me to have this time each day. I wrote in my journal:

It’s been two weeks or so since I had (took) time to make an entry in my journal.
I’m feeling the effects of that lack in my life. The practice of penning my reflections brings a peace to my soul I just don’t receive from anyplace else! I find if I spend time just thinking about an issue, as time passes, I tend to lose any solution I have figured out.
I think it has to do with “leaning on my own understanding.”

This time spent at the beginning of my day is proving to be invaluable! I must continue this habit. I discover things about God in these morning hours that are revealed to me at no other time and in no other way. He shows me things about myself in these early hours that change my life, my thinking, my pathway, my relationships. I get “tuned in” on His Channel.

“Lord, help me to grow in developing this area of my relationship with You. You have done so much healing in me as I sit in this quiet place at this time. Continue to call me to it. You meet me here, “over a cup of coffee” in a time of intimacy that reaches my innermost being.
This is our sacred time and place.
Thank, You, Lord!”


5 thoughts on “Morning Time

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