I Finally Got It!

  • The LESSON – I finally get it!
    Thursday, Aug 8, 2013
    Someplace E/O Santa Rosa, New Mexico
  • This morning, I learned a very crucial lesson: “The mood my wife wakes up in is not the mood she will stay in all day!”

    Yesterday, she made the remark; “It takes a few minutes for some of us to wake up in the morning. We need our first quiet cup of coffee to enjoy the stillness before we’re ready to engage the day and face people.” This morning, she slept in for an hour after the alarm went off. Yesterday she had driven most of the way from California to the middle of New Mexico. (Have I said we Love Road Trips? – and she likes to drive) I woke up before her – as usual. After she woke up, she was quiet for a while. When she’s quiet, I can get worried.

    The lesson was learned by remembering how much I used to “wrap myself in the blanket of her morning mood“. In the past, when my wife would get out of bed, grab a cup o’coffee ‘n sit down in her spot on the couch before “waking up”, I would sense her “mood” and take on the mental responsibility of cheering her up. Or, as the raging co-dependent I tend to be at times, I would think: “Uh Oh, what have I done now?”

    The answers: “Not necessarily my job!” “Nothing.” and “Just give her time to wake up.”

    As I am discovering “The Real Me” and learning to walk in the strength of that, I find I am very much a morning person. I love to rise in the stillness of a quiet morning to ponder and spend time with Him. It has become the most important time of my day. During this time, The Lord has relieved me of many of the regrets of my past, and I find my morning mind is a much more user-friendly place to start my day.
    …Oh, She likes her quiet time, too! Now I get it!

  •        “Lord, why did it take almost 47 years to learn this about her?”
                       Wait, scratch that, It’s really about ME!

“Because, my son, you have begun listening to me with a much more attentive ear – you are learning to be still and hear my quiet whispers. I am able to teach you in so much more depth than I could with the 2×4 I used to have to use on you.”

“Welcome, my child, I like it when you are at my side and we walk through your day hand in hand. Stay here. I have much more to teach you later,”     ….But in the meantime –

                       Enjoy This Day. I have everything under my control.

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