Let’s Celebrate!

I was discussing this statement:  “Turn your life and will over to a God of your understanding
with an AA friend the other day, and I made this comment; “If this life is all there is –
we live, we love, we win, we lose, we die, we fade into nothingness, then any
Higher Power that gets us from here to there in an increasingly
better way, sober and clean, is sufficient.”

But – if an eternity beckons when this life is done and we are faced
with something more, then I am very thankful to rest
in the secure knowledge that my Higher Power
will be there to greet me.

My Higher Power has a name. His name is Jesus. He will not only greet me with open arms “on the other side,” He loves spending time with me on this side, too. Sometimes, we like to ‘hangout’ together, like long-time friends that want to know more about each other. The more time we spend together, the more I grow to love Him. The more I love him, the more I want to be like him.

I met Jesus at a “Come as you are party.” His Dad sent me the invitation. I was surprised to find out He knew my name. I always thought if He found out who I was, He would have me punishedI threw away the first few letters I got from Him. Like a jury summons; “They can’t prove I got it. If I don’t answer, they will probably give up.” But the invitations kept arriving. I finally opened one (actually, it was brought to me by this guy I knew -go figure) Anyway, I finally went to the party with him. After all, I always liked a good party, right?

I really didn’t have anything to wear to this party, but my friend said I was fine just the way I was. He said “all I needed was the desire to change, and come.” It was like coming home. In fact, it was better. My home was NEVER this good. My home life was part of the reason I felt like I wasn’t good enough to come with my friend. But WOW! Am I ever glad he invited me! It’s changed me in ways I never thought possible.

I met some other people at this party; some were dressed better but acted even worse than I did. You know what? People cared more than Jesus did. He wanted them to stay, said it was the best place for them. After a while, I began to realize that the more time we spent “at the party,” the more we all began to act and look like this guy they called Jesus. I’ll never forget the day I remembered all the invitations his Dad had sent me. Man, what a fool I was to ignore those. I tried to apologize, but he said it didn’t matter, just as long as I was there now.

After I had been there for a while, I began to see people who looked like they didn’t belong. At first, it really bothered me. How dare they, come to our party dressed like that! Look at the way they’re acting! I wanted them to leave. Then, one day I had a chat with my buddy – you remember him – he’s the one who finally got me to come. He said; “Yeah, I was wondering when you were going to notice them – they’re the newcomers. They haven’t been here long enough to change. Give them time – they got the same invitation you did. They didn’t think they deserved to come either. I’ll tell you what, go over and talk with them. They will remind you of what you were like. Before. Tell them about a few of the things you’ve learned since you got here.”

My friend continued; “That’s important. Never forget! Otherwise, you’ll get the idea that those clothes you’re wearing belong to you. The way we look and act now is only a reflection of the time we spend here with Jesus. In fact,” my friend said, “Go over there; Jesus’s Dad is giving everybody invitations for us to pass out. He just got a new list from His Son. This Party’s gonna grow! Isn’t that great? There’s lots of room.

Do you know the best part? The bill for this party? – It was PAID IN FULL! …REALLY!! Don’t believe it? Just go find Jesus – Go ahead, ask him to show you His scars. His blood was the price He paid. More than 2000 years ago. On a hill. On a cross. Just so he could have us come to His Party!!

Let’s Celebrate! Our Recovery!

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