It’s HIS Choice!!

Early this morning, I sent the following text to a friend going through difficult times:
(Physical, emotional, legal, and of course, mental ‘n spiritual)

“Just a morning reminder for U – God Loves U.
He Loves U today as much as he ever has or ever will!!”

He replied:      “He loves U more.” 

I’m not sure if he was serious or not.
In the past, I might would have been tempted to agree with him.
After all, I was always trying so hard – to get God to love me more.
This morning, though, I replied to my friend with this thought:  

“It’s taken me a lifetime to begin to understand –
He Loves me because HE CHOOSES to.
Not BECAUSE of any of my choices. Or efforts!” 

There is nothing I can do to get God to love me.
More than He already does and always will.
Or less!! than he already does and always will.


Just because HE CHOOSES to!
Because – It is Finished!
Romans 8:38

I am learning to – He’s teaching me to – Love Him back. Itreallyisjustthatsimple!

…simple, yes, but it ain’t always easy! I keep getting in the way.

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