Step by Step

Last summer, we took a road trip from our home in central California to Oklahoma and Texas. Texas in August??!  What were we thinking??
As usual, my WW was driving as I navigated with the MAP app on my iPhone.
(She would say I was playing, she may be right.) We were driving thru the Mojave Desert in Southern California, so there wasn’t a lot of “navigating” to do.
I zoomed in on the MAP app and captured this picture:
I discovered that at this setting, GPS would only reveal what was ahead of us as we traveled forward. I knew at the time there was a spiritual application hidden in this.
Today I wrote the following:
“I prayed for understanding that I may be able to accept my path.
God is teaching me to trust the faithfulness of His Process in me.
He then grants me understanding, one step at a time.
Sometimes, (usually?) I have to take the next step without the understanding.”

My ego-driven quest to know His Will can keep the gate locked.
The path forward is scary. I’m tempted at times to go back to what I knew.  Before.
I’m discovering understanding usually comes with hindsight.
Today, I’m beginning to understand the steps taken yesterday, last week, last year.

Tomorrow, I hope to understand today.

That HOPE lets me take today’s steps with Faith.  In Him. ”

Lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Prov 3:6

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