Yesterday morning, as I was driving across town to spend the day with Teen Challenge @ New Life Church, this thought occurred to me:
God loves me as much as He Loves Billy Graham.” The fact that I would even entertain such a thought without rejecting it immediately is a miracle. That thought is the end product of a 5 year journey of learning how God views me. 
5 years ago, at a men’s retreat, God impressed upon me to stop striving, to stop trying so hard to please Him so He would Love me more. He wanted to begin teaching me how much He Already Loves me. 
That journey took me to Celebrate Recovery. Then to A.A. It took me into some dark valleys and to some glorious mountain tops. It’s revealed to me that He’s God on the dark days as much as He is when all seems bright around me. It led me into close, safe relationships with “God Connections”, people who touch me in profound ways, and who are in turn touched by God through me. This path has taught me that when I share with others I receive more than I give.  I’m now learning to give and share with others who at first seem to be “the unlovable”. (another lesson – God loves “Others” as much as He loves me – & Billy Graham) 
This journey has taken me into my past to recognize, acknowledge and heal from hurts, habits and hangups that were keeping me from loving and being loved.
I’ve learned to sometimes say “No” to people’s   ” Jim, can you…”    instead of a reluctant, obligatory “Yes”. Often, I said “Yes” so I’d feel loved & accepted.
More and more I’m beginning to accept His Daily Invitation to lie down in green pastures and enjoy my time with Him. We share so much as I learn to relax in Him.        Be still, and KNOW(Me).”

It’s not about EARNING His Love… It’s all about LEARNING(about) His Love
For me. And U.

    “God Loves U right now as much as He always has, & always will.”
  Ask Him to show U!
    Let Him take U on Ur Journey. 

2 thoughts on “The JOURNEY

  1. larry hatfield

    Your comment on trying to get God to love us more was greatly appreciated … and very much needed. I have been thinking that for a good while now. Was refreshing to see that others feel the same way. Blessings. L. Hatfield

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