PaPa! Look at this!” Said my Favorite 10 year old!
PaPa! Let’s Snuggle!” Said my other Favorite 10 year old!
Yep, Twinz! One’s my Favorite(Oldest) The other is my Favorite(Youngest)
10 year old.

While snuggling, I’ll say to one: “U’re my Favorite. He always snuggle a bit deeper.  Then I’ll say: “And who’s my other Favorite“? The answer is always:

 “My Brother

They are very secure in knowing how much I Love them.
They KNOW that one of my favorite things is spending time with
my “snugglebubs” each morning.

I treasure these days. Life circumstances have them living with us now.
2.1/2 years ago, my WW’n I went from an “empty nest with a cat” to “ahouseo’6plus2dogsandacat” (if I say it fast it sounds better)
We knew at the time it was a “God Arrangement”.
We even said those words to each other.
Little did we know what the future held.

But HE knew! And He gave us PEACE as we began the journey.

Uh Oh, I hear footsteps down the hall. H.e.e.e.r.e comes a Bubba…

More, later – Priorities, U Know!!


Love these BOYZ


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