Hotel EGO

My understanding of God’s work in me has almost always been in hindsight. What He’s doing in me TODAY I will understand tomorrow, next week, next years.

And if I don’t, that’s OK, too! I don’t have to, ’cause HE does!

Sometimes(usually?) I strive to understand God’s way in, for ‘n thru me because it satisfies my insatiable ego.

God’n my ego are not best friends. That seems strange to me. ‘Cause they’re roommates. They both live in me.

Ah.Ha! Maybe THAT explains some of the turmoil that happens inside this hotel I call my mind.

The rooms of my mind can be a dangerous place for me to stay. I’m learning not to go there by myself. That’s why I need U! That’s why U need me. We need to be a safe place one for another.

2 thoughts on “Hotel EGO

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