HOW! GOD Loves me/us

Yesterday I was re-writing part of the testimony I plan to share at our 6 year Celebrate Recovery anniversary dinner. I’m trying to reduce it from 12 minutes into the allotted 5. So far I’m at 8.1/2. How do I reduce a 5.1/2 year journey into 5 minutes? What can I leave out? That’s only 66 seconds per year!

Several times I wrote the phrase “How much God Loves me“, or “How much God Loves us“. After the 4th time, I began to recognize that the word “MUCH” didn’t belong. It’s not HOW MUCH… It’s HOW! God’s Love cannot be quantified. It’s QUALITY,  not QUANTITIY. It’s the WAY He loves us, not How MUCH.

Unconditionally! Unfailingly! Amazingly! Unselfishly! Sacrificially!
Gracefully! Unending!  ___________fillinyourownword

My desire and prayer needs to be: “Lord, teach me HOW you Love!”

My puny human efforts to get God to Love me MORE must make Him laugh.
But first, it probably breaks His Heart.

“I sacrificed My Son to set you free! I can’t do ‘more’.”

“Lord, beginning today, bring me into a deeper understanding of your Love.
Open my heart, my mind and spirit, create in me a greater
capacity to know HOW You Love.”

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