Unto this earth, there came a Man
With Purpose One, to die for all
To die, alone, upon the cross
To save all men from Satan’s call

He died upon this cross of Love
Betrayed, he prayed, He cried, He died
His Father’s face did turn away
Forsaken, alone, He bore this pain

At Garden gate, disciples slept
While in the garden, alone He prayed
This son of man for courage wept
To face the task before Him laid

“Lord, not my will, but thine be done”
 He prayed this cup from Him to pass
Then came the one to kiss, betray
This King of Kings unto the priest

Then from the Garden to the cross
The courts of man could find no fault
Between two thieves, they nailed Him there
A crown of thorns, His throne a cross

Then deepest dark on earth did fall
A Voice in sorrow loud did cry
My Lord, in Love did give His all
From broken heart, from sorrow died

From courts of man – unto the grave
They laid Him there, a guard they set
In early morn He rose and gave
This earth a great and wondrous gift

A gift of Love, a Gift of Grace
He died that man with Him may live

Jim Catlett
My first writing

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