CROSS Stitch Pattern


 I was yakking with my wife yesterday morning. One of her hobbies is
“Counted Cross-Stitching”

When she buys and starts a new kit, the very first thing she does is find the exact center of the material. After she has found the center, she places a CROSS Stitch there. +

Using that Cross as her starting point, she takes the thread provided and
begins to fill in the material according to the pattern that came with the kit.
Only by using the Center Cross as her reference point does the pattern come together as it was meant to do.

We are HIS Creation. Only HE knows the pattern of our lives.
Only HE can take the threads of our lives and weave it all together into that which is designed for His Purpose.

My part? Releasing the ends of the threads of my life and let Him put it where it belongs.

“But God – this thread is dirty. I drug it through the gutter. I need to wash it before I let you have it!”

“Go ahead, do Ur best, my child. But I’ll be here when you’re ready to surrender.
In the meantime, that part of the masterpiece I have in mind for you will be incomplete. U see, I need ALL the pieces of Ur life to complete the pattern”

“Pssst: just one more thing I need to tell you – that thread you see as filthy?
It’s been washed already – with the blood of my Son!
I just need U to give it to me.”

Pssst#2 – My wife just informed me – EVERY stitch she places in the material is a Cross.


2 thoughts on “CROSS Stitch Pattern

  1. jimdcat Post author

    Exactly!! Thx, Mark. The CENTER! The starting point! The foundation. The rock upon which we must rest.

  2. mark-steven holys

    Good morning…..
    The cross is the center of of human history….HIS STORY. We should always remember that the cross represents the most important decision a person will make in his lifetime….the confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of his life. NOTHING is more important.

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