7 What If’s?!

Have U seen the movie yet?


It’s perhaps the biggest What If?” ever debated –
What if God is dead?
What if God (and Heaven) isn’t real?
Personally,  I’ve never seen a need to debate it,
but there are a few other “What If’s” about God I’ve pondered:


• …U’re already as Forgiven (by God) as U’re ever going to be?

• …God already Loves U as much right now as He ever will?

• …The only thing God really needs from U is for U to spend time – with His Son?

• …God wants U to work WITH Him instead of FOR Him?

• …God doesn’t remember WHAT He forgave U of – He just remembers WHY?

• …God can use Ur past to touch others at the place of their deepest pain?

• …God wants U to stop trying to get Him to like U?

…Now, share with all of us… Tell us the biggest What If U ponder…



2 thoughts on “7 What If’s?!

  1. jimdcat Post author

    True, there shouldn’t be any “IF’s” There shouldn’t be LOTs’o things “Good” Christians do. But… We do, don’t we. Then I ask – Now what?? When I found out I could go to God with my biggest QQQ’s, He provided answers. It took me a long time to trust Him with them.

  2. mark-steven holys

    Good Morning….
    “If” is known as the biggest word in the English language. “But” runs a close second I suppose. For the believer neither of these words should enter into the dialogue of our Faith. There are no uncertainties in the realm of empowered Faith. God’s promises are eternal truths that need no validation or proving out.
    For me there are no “if’s”…….only the certain expectation of His glory to be declared among His creation and a deep longing to dwell in His house forever and ever.

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