COMPLETE!! But When??

For IN HIM (CHRIST) you have been made COMPLETE!                                                                                       Colossians 2:10

At a Friday morning breakfast, a small group of men have been discussing this Q:

When does a person become Complete in Christ?
Or –
At what point did we, do we, or will we become Complete in Christ?

Throughout the New Testament, (especially Paul’s writings),
there seems to be a great number of promises reserved for those who are
Complete in Christ.



Is it something that will only happen when we get to Heaven?
Is it a goal – Something for which we must continually strive?
Is there a possibility that we are ALREADY Complete in Christ?
Did it happen already? Perhaps…  At The CROSS?

“But”… I hear U say… It couldn’t have already happened, I still sin!

If we are still working toward it,
How do we know when (if) we’re complete?
Can I be “more complete” than you?
How are we ever to know we are “good enough” to be
IIPeter 1:4 NKJV

If it’s something that will happen only after we get to heaven,
What (in the world) do we do in the meantime?
Does it make any difference?


P.S. (hint) At what point does a blossom on a tree become a (complete) apple?
(hint)2… Is there a difference between being complete and maturity?

Please, chime in with Ur thoughts…


3 thoughts on “COMPLETE!! But When??

  1. Mark-Steven Holys

    Good Afternoon…
    The answer to this question is expressed, at least to this believer, in very easy to understand language in Philippians 1:6…..”Be confident of this very thing, that the good work begun in you will be completed even unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
    It is my understanding that the use of the word “even” in this context refers to an end date when the requisites are met and indeed, we are “complete”.
    Thank you for another great post!

  2. jimdcat Post author

    ThkQ, Tiffanie. I agree with U, now! But for most of my life, I didn’t “get it”. In fact, I originally wrote this post in 1996. It took God another 15 years to teach me how to walk in the truth of it. He’s teaching me to walk in His Peace more and more.

  3. tiffanie

    I believe that once we accept Christ we are then complete. Of course here on earth you will never be perfect nor does our Lord expect we will be. Being complete means you are saved and your sins are forgiven.. all you have to do is ask and keep learning and doing better. After all, we are merely children! All of us.. even if you live to be 1000 years old, you are but a child to God.

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