7 Things God Never Says to His Kids

If anyone ever says these things to U, It’s not the Voice of God speaking…

I’ve discovered that most of the time, it’s “me” – “Sir James” saying these things to myself, thinking I’m hearing from God…

1• Sorry, U missed Ur appointment, so I don’t have time for U today, come back again tomorrow. But… be sure to call back and make an appointment. I might be busy again.

2• Lets play Hide’nSeek – I’ll go first, bet U can’t find me! Count to infinity+1 before U start looking.

3• Uh, ‘Jim’ – Jim, who? I forget.

4• Oh No, Not U again! Oh, man!! I am getting so fed up with U!

5• After all I’ve done for U, U still just don’t get it, do U!

6• I sure wish U were more like Ur brother….

7• Ur Grace and Mercy accounts are seriously overdrawn! U need to make some deposits immediately.

Ok, just one more…

8• I just Unfriended U!

I’m sure there’s more – Please add Ur’s as a comment…

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2 thoughts on “7 Things God Never Says to His Kids

  1. mark-steven holys

    I agree with you Jim….it is truly amazing how patient and understanding our Lord is. Human nature can be very preoccupied with having it “our way” and in doing so we can really mess things up! Thank God that He gives us relationships where the character of God can be seen even in the worst of circumstances and in some rare instances….the “worst of people”…..like me! Let us always “forget what has gone before and fix our eyes upon the Prize’. Thanks for your post Jim!

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