JOY & Happiness – Redux

If U read yesterday’s blog because U’re subscribed and received an email, U will want to go Here and read it again. (ByTheWay – I switched the words in the name – I think it sounds better)

U got a peek behind my eyes into the way my thought processes operate. I woke up with the thought, wrote a bit on it, liked what it said and hit “Publish”. When I did that, U.all got the email.

But the cyclone in my head was just beginning to spin. (Thank God my mind spins in much more user-friendly circles nowadays) About 400 words and 25 revisions later, I’m finally at rest with it. I think!… We’ll see…. see – I wasn’t happy with it – I switched the name – writers choice!

Let me take a moment to say a huge “THKQ to all of U who have chosen to follow me. U bless me more than I can say. I Luv sharing these things with U. This writing has done more to clarify my faith than anything else in my life ever has. I pray it blesses U“.

If I could ask ONE thing – Feedback! Dialogue. Agree. Disagree. Argue(be nice) Expand my thoughts. Challenge/Encourage me. Make suggestions. ( I make no promises ) I’m new at this, but wow – what a blast!


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