God is able to use “Softer’nGentler” means to guide me in the paths He has in mind for me. Most days! Much of that is because I’m learning to listen closer, pay more attention, and trust His Faithfulness.

But every once in a while, (fortunately not as often) He whopps me up beside my ego with a 2×4. It’s a real temptation to blame the one who’s holding the board. (especially when “that one” is s’pose to be safe)

God is RELENTLESSLY FAITHFUL! To me! (‘n 2U) I promise!!

Try this prayer when U feel the 2×4 – “Lord, what R U doing in me this time?” He will ALWAYS answer that prayer! But – the answer probably won’t be what U expect.

He knows me infinitely better than I know myself.

2 thoughts on “Softer’nGentlerWays

  1. jimdcat Post author

    He always tries the Softer’nGentler ways first. It’s His Faithfulness that brings the 2×4. AND – our EGO is always the target.

  2. Tiffaine

    Jim,. I love your posts! I too have gotten better at listening.. the 2×4 treatment is less often! I think I had a full on fence post upside my ego last year! So nice to have the gentle persuasion back again!

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