The End? Or a New Beginning?


 Six years’n a few months ago I fell off the cliff.
I thought, I feared it was going to be the end.
In actuality, it became the beginning of the end
Of me!

At the bottom of the cliff I met – in a brand new way, The Power that is Greater than me.
My Higher Power has a name – His name is JESUS!
He taught me that my journey began a long time before I reached the edge of cliff.
I’ve discovered He was walking with me the whole time.

He is, in fact, the One who led me to the edge, then caught me as I stumbled and fell.
It took a long time for me to forgive those I thought had pushed me.
Over the edge.

It’s been a rough climb back up, but Oh!, how grateful I am for the Process.
It’s become my favorite word – “Process

Every time I get “stuck climbing”, He shows me something else in my backpack.
I  can’t keep all the stuff  I’ve carried for years.
Little by little, it has to be left behind.


…So, how come I can’t just do it all at once?
Is that the “easier’n softer” way my sponsor says never works?

“Dang, he’s right –

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