T.B.T. #3 – A Letter from “Daddy”


I wrote this story almost 30 years ago. As I was growing up, I somehow got the idea that God was always watching me – to catch me doing something wrong, and then He would punish me. Yesterday I heard that called “A God Who Keeps Attendance“. a God who keeps score and is just as willing to fail you as He is to let you pass. I now know that He always has his eye on me. but it’s so He can catch me when I fall, comfort me when I fail, and guide me on the best path.

Six years ago, I had a “Heart Attack“. It was emotional and spiritual, not physical.
But it changed my life. Most of all, it change my relationship with God.
With myself. And others. He’s teaching me to “Enjoy the Journey!”

This is an excerpt from the post of Aug 20. 2013
For the complete story, go HERE

My Child:

“I have written a letter to you outlining our relationship. In it I tell you how sons are to live. But don’t get the wrong idea. I give you my Word – not to describe how you are to perform in order for me to be pleased with you. I give you my Word because it is the lifestyle I know will bring you the greatest joy. I understand your weakness. You will falter. You will fail. You will not always (ever) be everything I want you to be. But… you are my son! In your weakness I will be your strength. In the darkness, I will be your light. I will live with you, loving, protecting, guiding, sharing, and giving. Yes, even perfecting. But my presence in your life does not depend upon your perfection, but upon your acceptance of my Love. As long as you allow me to, I will live with you. I will give of myself to you – and to others through you, simply…
Because I Love you.”

“Please, when you read a portion of my letter and see something you have failed at… realize… I do not reject you! Your failure does not affect my Love for you. My only requirement is that you do not run from me. You see, at times, because you are my son, I will discipline you. Learn to accept it. If I do not discipline you, you are not truly my son. However, my discipline is not to punish you for a deed of disobedience, but to reveal to you the depth of my Love.”

“My son, my greatest desire is that you would let me
help you understand the depth of that Love.

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