T.B.T. #4 Psalms 23

One of my favorite words in this 6 – year journey is PROCESS

It’s been very rewarding to go back and re-post from the year past. That’s one reason I like to journal – reading about where I was before helps me to realize that progress has been made.
Growth is seldom seen from day-to-day. ESPECIALLY if it’s growth that comes from hard places.

On August 26, 2013, I wrote what PSALMS 23  had come to mean to me.
You can read that version HERE. (click)

As I looked back to pick today’s ThrowBackThursday I realized that the 23rd Psalm had taken on much more meaning for me than it had a year ago. So I revised, rewrote, reviewed, added to, linked to other posts, and asked my WW* to add her input. NOW it’s Ur turn… Share your thoughts in the comments!       *WonderfulWife
This writing thing God has me doing has changed me in ways I never thought.
But it REALLY amazes me when the words I write touch another.

Oh yeah,click HERE  for the revised version!!

2 thoughts on “T.B.T. #4 Psalms 23

  1. Rich Caramella

    Morning Jim. My favorite passage and prayer. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I prayed it this morning. BlessingS Rich

  2. tiffanie2014

    I need to start a blog! I go back and read my old postings on here, Nina’s and Ruby’s blogs.. and now Chris’s too… It helps me reflect how much I have learned and grown and helps me remember that I don’t ever want to be in those dark times and places again.. I know I will have trials.. but I now realize I don’t have to go it alone.. and certain trials can be avoided simply by listening to HIM

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