T.B.T. #4 Psalms 23

One of my favorite words in this 6 – year journey is PROCESS

It’s been very rewarding to go back and re-post from the year past. That’s one reason I like to journal – reading about where I was before helps me to realize that progress has been made.
Growth is seldom seen from day-to-day. ESPECIALLY if it’s growth that comes from hard places.

On August 26, 2013, I wrote what PSALMS 23  had come to mean to me.
You can read that version HERE. (click)

As I looked back to pick today’s ThrowBackThursday I realized that the 23rd Psalm had taken on much more meaning for me than it had a year ago. So I revised, rewrote, reviewed, added to, linked to other posts, and asked my WW* to add her input. NOW it’s Ur turn… Share your thoughts in the comments!       *WonderfulWife
This writing thing God has me doing has changed me in ways I never thought.
But it REALLY amazes me when the words I write touch another.

Oh yeah,click HERE  for the revised version!!

2 thoughts on “T.B.T. #4 Psalms 23

  1. tiffanie2014

    I need to start a blog! I go back and read my old postings on here, Nina’s and Ruby’s blogs.. and now Chris’s too… It helps me reflect how much I have learned and grown and helps me remember that I don’t ever want to be in those dark times and places again.. I know I will have trials.. but I now realize I don’t have to go it alone.. and certain trials can be avoided simply by listening to HIM

    1. Rich Caramella

      Morning Jim. My favorite passage and prayer. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I prayed it this morning. BlessingS Rich


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