“So I Prayed…”


My Twinz (grandsons) started 5th grade (really? how’d that happen?) Monday at the local public school. At the dinner table Wed, Logan (youngest by 1 minute) said: I finished all my work early, so I just sat there and prayed for my classmates for the next 10 minutes.

When I was growing up, my Dad had a favorite phrase – “This is a payday!
THIS is what he meant!!!!!!

ThkQ, leaders and teachers of “Club 45” (4th’n5th graders) @ New Life Church, Alamo, Ca.
Thanks, “MOMMY
Great Job !!!

2 thoughts on ““So I Prayed…”

  1. Natalie

    Jim. I met you at the church a few weeks ago during a fire inspection. Can you email me asap? I have a friend who needs help immediately and desperately and I thought about you.

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