Today’s New Word

Which comes first? Comparing or Complaining?

Lately, I’ve realized (again) just how deadly comparisons can be.
I had an epiphany a while back. (I always wanted one of those! lol)
I realized the majority (all?) of the complaining I do comes because I compare.
I compare how other people in my life treat me with how I think I deserve to be treated.
I compare my life with what I expected it to be by now – Or with what I still want it to be… someday, tomorrow. Or with what I think I remember how it USED to be. I compare
my intentions with the results I see in the lives of others. I compare what I KNOW
is inside me with what others allow me to see in their lives. I  compare… with
sometimes – usually – deadly results. So often, the end result of my
comparing drives me into a pit. Then, I open my mouth…

I coined a new word the other day

verb – The act of complaining because we have compared and fallen short.
noun – The art of verbalizing an inner turmoil

Not all comparisons turn out like this…

my life

How many of us can say: “My life did not go as I planned“?
How do we get to the point of saying “But That’s OK!”

As I’ve said in previous posts, COMPARISON is a thief of joy.

About 2 years ago, I realized how fleeting gratitude was for me
I had seasons of appreciating what and who was in my life, but
then the storm would come and it would all blow away like smoke
One day I listened as a guy shared: “Hi, I’m ‘Joe’, I’m addicted to MORE!

Ah Ha!” said I, “That’s me!” Whatever I have in my life, I want – “MORE!
When I compare today with yesterday and have MOREI’m grateful for it
But if I compare and find less, Woe is me and all those around me…

I have perfected the art of COMPLAIRING.
i sometimes think I have a master’s degree in it.
But I’m learning – HE is teaching me,- to CHOOSE to be GRATEFUL

Philipians 4:6-8

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