Until it doesn’t…

1 thought on “Until it doesn’t…

  1. marlenebertrand

    This year (2015) is my year to dial it all back. I am taking (as you say) baby steps toward a new life. I like the words of your WW. Things appeared to be going well, and then they didn’t. I became weary and lost. So, this year I decided to hang up my old way of doing things, scrub away the phony friends, and change my expectations in life. Now, I don’t have any expectations. It feels good to rely solely on the Lord for whatever I receive and wherever I go in life. I am now surrounded by things, events, and people who enhance my life – people like you who are true believers and reach out to others. You are a wonderful writer. Your words help heal. For sure, they are words shared by way of the Lord. I thank you for your obedience and I thank the Lord for you.

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