T.B.T. #6

What? Another #6? …Yes, last week was actually #5. This post will be included in the Oooops Category.  …Frist Mistrek I’ce maid tihs weak!!

How often have U “waited for the other shoe to drop“? Yesterday morning I woke up feeling VERY grateful. For no particular reason, it was “just one of those mornings. In fact, if I were to count up and relate the troubled situations in my life, U’d more than likely say: “Wow, and I thought I had problems!” In fact, “John” said that very thing to me about 11:30 yesterday. B.T.W, 36 hours later, I’m still grateful and I’m still waiting for that shoe. (But I’m not really paying attention)

I have not always been grateful. In fact, gratitude has been a rather elusive commodity in the past for me.

A year ago this week I posted:


Part of the reason I am walking more and more in gratitude is because I wear fewer masks than I used to. Discovering THE REAL ME has been the hardest task I’ve ever encountered, but “living in the body of a good friend” is an amazing way to live. It’s been well worth the journey.

PS: My WW enjoys it more, too!


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