Yesterday I made my 100th post.
This morning I’m faced with a Q  I’m not sure I like. Or ready for:


I’ve been on this journey to this new place for some 7 or so years. Someplace along the way I realized it started before I knew I was on it. And will continue for as long as I have feet on this planet. In so many ways I am not the same man I was when God pulled me kicking and screaming onto the bridge that is crossing the chasm from there to here.


Some time ago, I wrote in my journal that “God did not bring me (us) to this place of healing just so my WW’n I could be Fat’nHappy.” (I’m Fat, She’s Happy – lol)

There’s been a stirring (again) someplace inside me that is, frankly, scary. I want to park the RV in this quiet spot and camp here. …Well, for the rest of my life. But I don’t think that’s the plan.

RV 5
I don’t know what’s around this next turn. Pray for me.

Hmmm, as I write the phrase – “the rest of my life” – I see it in a different way. It’s not the rest of my life as in number of days or years. It’s the REST  of my life – as in: “The work is done –
It Is Finished!”

On the last day of my first step study in Celebrate Recovery, the last Q on the last page of the last book asked this: “If U knew U wouldn’t fail, what would U attempt to do for God?” My answer: “I’d write a book on GRACE.”

#SAYWHAT? #ME? The one who failed English in High School? (don’t remind me)

Lately I’ve been thinking that the story of my book is already written, hidden in the pages of my blog. So… Perhaps “What’s Next” is already finished. I just need to discover it.

Maybe sorta like God helped me Discover The Real Me  the first time.

#15/21 day challenge

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