Contemplative Monday Mrng

Up since 5:35. Why, Oh – Why is it easier to get up early now than when I was working and HAD to? #BeenRetired5years

But that’s not the REAL Q I’m contemplating this morning.

I was scheduled to have two guys from Teen Challenge here this morning to help work on the addition to our house. I called and postponed till Wed or Thur. I just need to be quiet today.


In the past , I’ve been wary of days like this. Because my thoughts would veer off into undesirable paths. Not necessarily evil paths. (well, sometimes) but unhealthy avenues. At times like this I’d pull a tool out of my “backpack”. And use it to be hard on myself.

So I called and postponed until Wednesday. I need a quiet day. Yeah, that may be a bit difficult with the TWINZ on holiday. lol. Maybe we’ll all go on a picnic. But I digress…

If you read my post from Tuesday, U’ll remember the Q – “What’s Next“?

Yesterday at New Life Church, Celebrate Recovery was the featured ministry of the weekend. Pastor Doug shared a special recovery-centered message. CR had the center tent on the patio.

I made a point of standing behind the table for all 5 services. What a privilege to speak with some as they came up. Conversations with others behind the table in the lull moments was humbling. But it was where I was s’pose to be, doing what I was doing.

So – again, I ask – What’s next? For some time now, I’ve sensed that the audience of my blog is to be the Brokens. Those who have, as CR calls them, Hurts, Habits ‘n Hangups.

But how do I get from Here to There?

So it’s now 6:33 PM. I’m on my way to CR and have been contemplating this all day. D’ya know what I’ve figured out? NOTHIN’! Not one bloomin’ thing!

Except – I remembered the post from yesterday. The one called From There to Here. He reminded me. Him. The One who heals me. He asked me what I did to get from There to Here. From that brokenness to this place of healing. Do you know what I came up with? NOTHIN’! In fact, I STOPPED doing a whole lotta stuff I thought was keeping Him happy with me.

Then He had a suggestion for me. He suggested why don’t I do the same thing now. He said that I usually just get in His way. He said things would go a lot better if I would just relax and let HIM do it. He also suggested that I pay attention to see what happens. I might be surprised. He promised to let me know if He needs me. I can hardly wait!

Take a guess at what Sir James thinks about that. If you’re new and you don’t know who Sir James is you can read about him here. Sir James doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get his way!!

It’s now 6:45. I think I’ll go in to Celebrate Recovery and worship for a while and leave all this other stuff up to HIM

Oh, BTW – we did go on the picnic with the TWINZ.


#20/21 day challenge

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