This morning, as we sat in our family room, she in her favorite spot on the couch and me in my morning chair, my WW read this to me from JESUS TODAY, by Sarah Young. pg114.

It practically brought me to tears and I asked her to read it again. It described to a T the process God started in me almost 7 years ago. The reading begins:

I came into your life to make you free. The closer you live to me the freer you can be. By spending time alone with me your awareness of my abiding presence grows deeper and stronger. There is healing in my wings in the intimacy of my nearness

Now THIS is the part she read to me that meant so much:

MY HEALING PRESENCE BINDS UP YOUR WOUNDS FROM YOUR PAST SO THEY STOP BLEEDING. The salve of my spirit enhances the healing process. In my holy light you can see things from a new perspective, freeing you from old unhelpful way of thinking. As you lay down baggage from your past you grow increasingly free.”

The reading then continues: I make you free through the truth about who I am and what I have done for you. I also help you face the truth about yourself and the people in your life. If you’re involved in hurtful relationships I will help you change them or break free. If you are trapped in addictions, I will help you take the first step towards freedom – honest confession of the truth. In every situation the truth will set you free.

My WW said as soon as she read the underlined words, she knew she had to share them with me. She recognized the truth of them in the changes she sees happening for us.

The beautiful part of this is that I was able to share these words with a friend this afternoon and they touched his heart as well. I believe we both took one more step into the FREEDOM He provides

John 8:32 NKJV



7 thoughts on “LIVING in FREEDOM

  1. jimdcat

    Jon!!! What an incredible blessing U were yesterday !!!

    I felt like we were all 5 in a recovery meeting all day long. What was accomplished astounds me. And I’m not talking about just the roof, the window, the facia ‘n the gable.

    As I think I mentioned to U, I feel the day was a confirmation of what I feel The Lord is saying to me: “THIS is ‘What’s Next.'”

    This mrng, I find myself. writing about the healing that had to happen in me before “What’s Next” could occur. Once again, I feel like in “standing right at the edge of my miracle.” You’ll undoubtedly see it as a blog post. If not this mrng, then soon. I may need to ponder it awhile.

    ThkQ again for being a part of it.


  2. jonsamuel2727

    Jim, I am less than a mile from the church in Alamo. 11 Yetta Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. I am on the corner of Rudgear and Yetta on the downhill side. My grandson is still in Tennessee but wants to come home and get clean! I have done some research and so far it will cost $15,500.00 to get him into a program. He may not be eligible to be in the youth program, he is 25 years old.

  3. jimdcat Post author

    Jon: I work with Teen Challenge in Oakland, Ca. It’s an amazing program and is free to those in need bad without the means. It’s a 1 year in-house residential program.

    Where RU located?

  4. Jon Samuel

    Jim, I was inspired by you and your WW this morning! I am a child in the faith and praise God that I learn every day! My ongoing recovery is going well. I now am caught up in a recovery problem with my grandson. He wants to get into rehab and change his life, he says. He lives in Tennessee now and wants to come home and get help. My wife and I love him dearly and are his best hope. Do you have any suggestions for us? Or do you know where he can get help? He is 25 years old, so we can’t put him on our insurance. Does the State or county have a program that he can go to? Please help if you can.
    Jon from “CR”.

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