T.B.T.#9 – 7Things God ALWAYS Says…

One of the main lessons I’ve learned in this almost seven years of recovery is that not everything I’ve been taught about what God thinks about me is right.    

Conversely, not everything I thought about God is correct either. In fact, Who I am discovering God to be is far different than what I thought. 

I remember when God kept breaking out of the “box” I didn’t know I had Him in. Finally, my wife made this observation: “Honey, I think God is not the one that’s in the box. I think it’s U!” She was r.i.g.h.t… Again!!! Now I know, now I’m (beginning to) understand… God is SO much more than I ever dreamed!! The more I know, the bigger He gets! The bigger He gets, the less I know I UNDERSTAND about Him. That’s because HE’s GOD! And I’m not!

On this Throw-Back Thursday, I want to repeat my post from June 8, 2014. I’ve been surprised to discover these things about how God views me! (and U) It’s changed-ing how I see God!


P.S. then, take a look at: 7 Things God NEVER says…


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