SOBRIETY – Event? or Process?

One of the Greatest Bondages you will ever be in is that of pretending to be something or somebody that you are not

I spent 50 years like that

Freedom from that bondage is a Journey, a Process of discovering who you really are and learning to live that person’s life

I took my last drink 40 months ago today. But the Process of Sobriety will continue for as long as I have feet on this planet

5 thoughts on “SOBRIETY – Event? or Process?

  1. jimdcat Post author

    Thx, Dorene! I like the analogy of a journey.
    It helps me to accept who and where I am today. I won’t stay here, because I know I’m not where I was yesterday.

    I ALMOST ALWAYS do not recognize today’s step(s). Hindsight helps. Sometimes, in hindsight, I see that what I thought was a stumble was simply a change of direction.

  2. jimdcat Post author

    Terri! So good to hear from U!
    I can remember the Saturday morning I said “YES” to the journey. It was either surrender to “YES” or step off the cliff. But I was already as low as I had ever been.

    I now know that the journey began a long time before I said yes. I was just finally at the place God needed me.

  3. Dorene Hopkins

    Mine has been a different journey, & yet similar! Like u say, it’s ongoing, day by day, process. Some days are better than others, melds, journaling, & therapy, are all a part of the transition from the deep depressive state. Happy for u Jim, you’re a great moderator! 😏

  4. Terri

    I know exactly what you mean here. It feels good to get to know who you really are and to no longer have to pretend. I know because I have been there and am on my own journey of discovering the real me too. I am glad you are no longer in bondage to that stuff. Many blessings to you as you continue on your journey!

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