I have gone to church literally all my life. My daddy was a preacher man, so I sometimes say “I was born under a church pew.” I probably went to sleep in a pew almost as often as I went to sleep in my crib before I outgrew it. My crib, that is, not the pew….   As a result, I’ve known about GRACE forever. I’ve known all the scriptures and all the pat answers and descriptions like; “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense” or… “GRACE – the unmerited Favor of God.
But I came to KNOW Grace in a very different way, at a very dark time in my life. GRACE became a very important reason for my existence. 

I’ve never read the books, or seen the movie, (and don’t plan to) but I thought perhaps there is another “50 Shades” most of us would likely be interested in…

I posted this as a page on my blog yesterday.

Visit this link – then, PLEASE, add Ur own thoughts or understanding of GRACE as a comment!!!

1 thought on “GRACE x50

  1. Karen

    Thank you once again, Uncle jim. Your words always inspire me. And those of us that have been born under the pew often take Grace for granted.

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