New Beginnings (?)

How do I get from HERE to THERE?
How did I get HERE?

I am a WRITER!
But… I’m not writing

I have a gift for sharing, One – on – One
But… I’m isolating

I’m very task – oriented
But… @ What Price?

I have SO MUCH to do
But… why don’t I, why won’t I – ask for help!?

In (stormy) circles, getting nowhere

I enjoy being generous‘n sharing with others…
So… why am I feeling so alone?

I believe in BABY STEPs
So… why am I (do I seem to be) frozen in place?

Who has stopped blogging!

I KNOW!!! GOD Loves me!!!!
Why does He seem to be in the other room?
With the door closed?

S I R    J A M E S !!!
U sneaky, hiding, lying-in-wait-for-me-
T E R R O R I S T !!

I thought U’d been defeated!
I stopped watching for Ur tricks…
It had been so long since I’d heard from U!
I didn’t recognize U when U snuck up on me!

Hmmm, Maybe, Just Maybe,
Is much closer than I thought!!

T O D A Y ...
A New Year? Yes,
A New Beginning?
NO, Just another Baby Step
And learning (once again) to listen to
The Right Voice!





4 thoughts on “New Beginnings (?)

  1. jimdcat Post author

    Thx, Rich! I appreciate Ur words. One problem with isolating is thinking “I’m the only one, everybody else is doing just fine!” And we all struggle alone.

  2. Rich Caramella

    Welcome back Jim. Great way to start new year. I have been there for while too. Just started getting back to my journal and prayers. It is simple but just hard to keep doing it. You are a great brother in Christ. Love the progress on the room. Guess that is like us piece by piece to come together. But even if it is not finished (you and me) we can still enjoy it (ourselvs). Blessings Rich

  3. jimdcat Post author

    Thx, Doreen! I’ve been Q’ing the post. Not a good way to start the year. But it was honest. I’ve been wondering how to start blogging again. Writing. Journaling. So I reached into the storm and wrote it down. Now – I need to keep it up. Not as a “New Year’s Resolution” type of thing, but just because that’s how my storm gets quiet. That’s one way I get outa myself.

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