Is there not…  BETTER  WAY!! 







A recurring, relentless theme seems about to break through the fog in which I’ve found myself lately. A fog… as if there’s something just past my point of vision that is eluding my understanding…

Something…      about…


There’s a grieving somewhere deep inside me, It reminds me so much of the fear, the pain I felt when I thought I was lost, doomed, away from you, Lord!
I want to run – again, like before.

Where could I go?
YOU alone have the words and the gifts of life.

This agonizing pain I feel when I see sin in the lives of others…
This deep grieving in my spirit at the recognition of a wasted life…
This hurt that makes me want to draw within myself… again.

Lord, have I missed something all my life?
Have I failed to understand how I am to see?…


Is it possible this pain, this hurt, this fear is because
of the hurt and pain YOU experience when you see
the ones you love walk in defeat?

If this agony is of and from YOU!…?

Father, you said if I didn’t understand,
I could ask of you and you would reveal –
“Help me to understand                “Help me to be your hand”

                 It’s easy to see their sin.   It’s so easy to hate their sin.
It becomes so easy to begin to… hate them.

I’ve tried to be your voice.
I’ve tried to speak your words.

At least, they seem(ed) to be your words. But then, why the anger? Why the fear and pain? Why do I find myself lashing out – judging – condemning – retaliating? Why do I seem to break and destroy… those who I thought were the source of this pain?

Is there not?…  A BETTER WAY!!

                                                                       “I DIED FOR THEM, TOO”

I’ve felt such an awesome sense of responsibility for sin in the lives of others.
Especially when they’re my own. Especially when I care so much.
Especially when I feel so much responsibility for them.

I tried your command – To LOVE!
It didn’t work – they wouldn’t change
I’ve done so much for them –
They still won’t change!            …Now What?

Can I still love? I try! But what about this pain? What about their sin?
All my life, it’s been so easy… it’s been my way – to judge!
Easier to judge them than to love…  easy to judge…  and call it love.

When I judge, I don’t have to touch. Judgment prohibits touching…
Except in anger, or pity, or manipulation, or…   or…   or…
Judgment proclaims “OTHERS” unworthy of your Love –
until they change

Is there not?…  A BETTER WAY?!

                                                                    “I DIED FOR THEM, TOO”

“Lord,” You’ve been so patient with me.
Teach me how to be patient with them.
You’ve been so long-suffering with my sin.
Teach me to Love as you do.
Teach me to reach past their sin.

“My Child

You came to me with the burden of your life. I brought you to this place of peace.
It’s been through My Process that you came to understand the end. You reached –
he end of your ability to try and make up for your failures and shortcomings.
The end of your ability to change within your own power.

 You are beginning to understand that I am gentle and loving in my ways with you. Even the times of discipline you have experienced have been motivated by my Love.

NOW!!… Let me show you, let me teach you about the heart I have for


That process which my patience has been working in you is now beginning to overflow into the lives of… 


Now, I need you understand and accept that without ME working through you, you are very limited in your ability to have an eternal affect in touching


Listen to me closely; the reason you have not been able to reach past their sin is because you have not understood what to do with your own sin. YOU thought YOU had to make up for your sin. You thought you had to be “Good Enough” before I could Love you. Foolish child!! As if YOU could!!!

You are learning that I dealt with your sin AT THE CROSS… FOREVER!! ALL of it.
If the blood I shed at the cross did not pay the complete price for ALL your sin,
YOU have no hope. Be a vessel of my HOPE to…


If the pain I endured did not provide a path to peace for you, there is no peace to be found! As you walk this path of peace, let me teach you to bring hope of My peace to…


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