My theme is: “itreallyisjustthatsimple” It’s simple. God Loves me. He REALLY does! He just wants me to Love Him back! When I do, He takes care of all the rest.

Yes, it’s simple – and the correlating thought is: “but.it.sure.ain’t.easy”

He will carry my burden, but I must let Him. My Ego keeps complicating it – Most of the time, I’ll say:  “That’s OK, Lord, I got this one! Thx anyway” – He says: “OK, let me know when U need me.”

The three words that are the hardest for me are: “I need Help”. One of the main reasons my life is changing is because I’m learning to say that quicker. Every time I do, He’s there! Probably not in the way I expect or with the answer I want, but – I’m learning a lot about His Faithfulness. To me. He keeps amazing me! He really IS vitally interested in EVERY detail of my life.

Early in July, 2013, Jeff and Jessica Teresi visited Celebrate Recovery at New Life Church in Alamo, California. In the sharing of his poetry, he mentioned that “God Loves Me. He just wants me to love Him back.”  Then he said these 6 words: “It.really.is .just.that.simple!”

That phrase began to explode within me. It summed up all of what God has been teaching me for the last 5 years. Very shortly, I realized the phrase was to be my theme. It quickly became the name of my blog.
Most of my posts center around THE JOURNEY of how God taught me He Loves me. I grew up understanding God loving me ONLY when I was lovable. Trouble was, I was unable to stay good enough long enough. I kept slipping. Failing. Losing. Having ugly days. When I didn’t feel lovable, God disappeared. 

Early 2008, I wrote a prayer in my journal: “God, teach me to trust You more.” 

The posts on my blog explain how He did that. It’s not a step-by-step, 1, 2, 3 program of – read this, do this, go here, believe that, pray like this – so God can love you the way He loves me. 

My blog is best described as: “This is what I’ve discovered about the relationship God desires to have with me. 


There are days when that thought utterly and completely ASTOUNDS me

Most days, it’s beyond the scope of my understanding and comprehension 

Most days I can easily come up with a dozen reasons God DOESN’T love me for every one that He might

 But – the FACT  remains… He does!

Psst… HE Loves U, too!!

1 thought on “About

  1. Divine Guidance Outreasch Inc.

    Hi JIm,

    This is Garth Hopkins of Divine Guidance Outreach Inc. We met and spoke today at New Life Church. I’m the PODS driver.

    It was really great fellowship today and I’ve shares your writing and blogs with my wife.

    Just wanted to let you know that we’ve visited your space here and really appreciate how GOD is working through you.

    I truly feel that we arte on the verge of great partnership opportunities together and with the church.

    Let me know what you think of what you see on our website once you’ve had a chance to visit the site…….www.dgoutreach.com

    GOD Bless you !

    Garth Hopkins
    Founder / Executive Director
    Divine Guidance Outreach Inc.

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