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What If? #2

Way Back in May, 2014, when the movie “What if – God’s NOT Dead” was in theaters, I posted “7 What Ifs“. You can read them HERE.

This summer’s theme for the pastoral staff at New Life Church has been The Lord’s Prayer. You can listen/view their sharing HERE. They’re addressing it phrase by phrase. I’m finding it to be illuminating, challenging, thought – provoking and even life-changing.

The past two weeks have been amazing as they have unwrapped :

Forgive us our debts as / we forgive our debtors.

Perhaps, partly because of this series, or perhaps just because God tends to work in my life byasking me a Q, lets me ponder it for awhile, then helps me find His answer I’ve been thinking a lot about this What If:


Perhaps a better, corresponding Q might be this one that was #1 on the original list of
7 What Ifs
(U did go there and read them, right??)

What if we are ALREADY as forgiven (by God) as we will ever be?”   

How would the knowledge and belief of that change my life? But first, can that even be true? Can it be possible that God provided (complete) forgiveness through the sacrifice of His Son at the cross? Remember – the last words of Jesus were “It Is Finished!” I’m not sure I’ve ever fully understood what He meant by that.

In the past 26 months or so since I posted that first list of 7, it seems like I’m learning more and more about how God’s GRACE and how He views me because of it. As I’ve learned more about how God sees me, It’s changed how I see Him. Perhaps the most important is how it’s changing how I see others. It’s challenged some long-held beliefs I grew up with, argued about discussed by the hour, and related to God and others by.

Lately, as I write new posts on this writing thingy I’ve been doing for the past 3 years or so, I’m seeing more and more how “themes” are fitting together. In the next few days, weeks, (who-knows) I want to look back and see how this thought fits into my musings:

Because I am completely forgiven by God,
I can therefore choose to walk in forgiveness with ‘YOU’

In the meantime, I would LOVE it if you would chime in with your comments, thoughts, Q’s and yes, even your musings. Argue with me about it if you want!! We’ll learn together.

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How Good Do I HAVE To…?

If U think God’s Love depends upon Ur goodness, then Ur acceptance of His Love for U will be limited by how good U can be.

That’s OK on the days U’re good!


What if…?

We don’t HAVE to be good for Him to Love us??

“I have Loved you with an EVERLASTING Love;
I have drawn you with loving-kindness”
Jeremiah 31:3

7 THINGS I LEARNED IN AA – that I should’a learned in church…

4 years ago TODAY I attended my 1st ever AA meeting. That was July 6, 2011

Please read yesterday’s post – 4YEARS

These are a few of the things I learned there

In the next few (7?) posts, I hope to unpack (ugh, I hate that word…) these a bit more, and try to explain why I feel AA expanded and deepened my relationship with “My Higher Power” Whom I call Jesus

Note : these are my thoughts and experiences. If Ur path is different, feel free to comment / share. AND – don’t take the title the wrong way, I love church! I grew up there. But there were some things I “just didn’t get.”

1) EVERYONE is welcome! Come! Just as U.R.

2) All I need is a desire…


4) I will never get so sober/well that I will outgrow the benefits of going to meetings

5) I’ll NEVER understand GOD… And that’s OK!

6) Sharing my brokenness in a place I discovered is safe provides an opportunity to heal 

7) GOD is Bigger! and more Loving than I ever knew. Or imagined!

T.B.T.#9 – 7Things God ALWAYS Says…

One of the main lessons I’ve learned in this almost seven years of recovery is that not everything I’ve been taught about what God thinks about me is right.    

Conversely, not everything I thought about God is correct either. In fact, Who I am discovering God to be is far different than what I thought. 

I remember when God kept breaking out of the “box” I didn’t know I had Him in. Finally, my wife made this observation: “Honey, I think God is not the one that’s in the box. I think it’s U!” She was r.i.g.h.t… Again!!! Now I know, now I’m (beginning to) understand… God is SO much more than I ever dreamed!! The more I know, the bigger He gets! The bigger He gets, the less I know I UNDERSTAND about Him. That’s because HE’s GOD! And I’m not!

On this Throw-Back Thursday, I want to repeat my post from June 8, 2014. I’ve been surprised to discover these things about how God views me! (and U) It’s changed-ing how I see God!

P.S. then, take a look at: 7 Things God NEVER says…

7 Things God ALWAYS Says to His Kids

I recently posted “7 Things God NEVER Says…” Now I get to follow up with these…

• 1 – U R LOVED – by Me – in Ways U will / U can Never Understand. Let me Show U How

• 2 – U R more FORGIVEN than U think UR

• 3 – COME! Just as U R. Now! To Me! Today! Just COME! Spend time with Me

• 4 – Don’t change so I will Love U(more), Change BECAUSE U’re Loved – Completely – By ME! 

• 5 – Bring Me Ur Pain, Ur Heartache, Ur Sorrow. Ur Mess. Ur __________ I want to heal it.

• 6 – U don’t have to pay the price (again) – My SON did that! 4U!

• 7 – U can run – but U can’t hide! My eye is upon U. To give U Hope

Bonus # “Who U R is infinitely more important to me than what U do!”

It’s kinda strange, but
I think the NEVER list was easier. I wonder why? I actually had more than 7 of those

Maybe we hear these more often – in our heads, and from others

Maybe we hear these truths more often – in our heads, and from others

Add Ur thoughts… Tell us what God ALWAYS says to U!
or perhaps what U want to hear Him say…