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 Addition #3

I’ve only blogged a couple of times about the addition I’m doing to my house. It’s been a 5-month project. THAT was after all the time I spent drawing the plans and getting the permit.
U might want to go HERE and read about why I’m “doing all the work” myself

As I was sitting in an AA meeting at noon today, it dawned on me that ALMOST ALL of the help I’ve had has been with guys who are attending recovery meetings.

One guy who’s helping, I met through this blog.

He made a comment on a post, I replied, then he did again. I asked him where he was located. (I had just gotten a new subscriber in Australia and one in England, so he could have been anywhere in the world! As it turns out we go to church together. S’prise, S’prise, S’prise! 

He came over and helped yesterday, along with Ralph‘nMarty from Teen ChallengeWe had an OUTSTANDING day. At lunch, we talked about our journeys into recovery. It turned into a patio table small group meeting. 

At the end of the day, I had the following conversation with him: (he’s in blue, I’m in green)

 Him:     Jim, I sure wish I’d been more productive today

 Me:    Jon, I am so pleased with all we accomplished today. I couldn’t have asked for more

Him:     Yeah, Jim, but I wanted to get more done for U

 Me:      Jon, just the fact that we were able to spend the time today working and sharing together was awesome

  Me:     “My friend, I am in NO WAY disappointed in U or Ur work!!  In fact, Jon, very soon, I would like for us to set aside all this work we’re doing and spend some time together, alone, just U’nMe. I’m available anytime UR. Just let me know when!”

Now…, take just one more minute…, replaceJimwithJesus‘ and ‘Jon‘ with Ur name, then read the conversation again!!

D’ya get it!?!?

T.B.T. #7

One of the greatest lies Christians believe is that we have to add to the work of Christ.

In the past, every time that I wanted (needed) to spend time in the Presence of God  I worked harder so he would not turn me away

I knew the presence of God. But it was a place I visited. I longed to dwell there but I never felt like I was good enough long enough to remain.

The final three words that Jesus spoke at the cross was “IT.IS.FINISHED!”

When the Truth of that sentence took the longest journey and moved from my head to my heart and then into my life it changed me! it changed my relationship with God

This link was originally posted on my blog on February 19, 2014. But I wrote it 20+ years ago. I finally learned the truth of it in the deepest part of my being at the absolute blackest, darkest time of my life. I’ve not been the same since.

Please read this post from a year ago and let it invade your heart as it has mine




We can see God continually working in our lives if we don’t focus on just the big things

I learned the most about the Relentless Faithfulness of God not only by finding Him in the dark times, but also when I took the little things to Him. The things about which I would say:

“This is too minor to bother God with, I’ll just handle it without him.”

But I’ve learned – and continue to learn – to trust Him with the seemingly insignificant things I encounter. Then when the BIG things come, andtheyALWAYSdo, He’n I already have a track record.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.
(‭1 Peter‬ ‭5‬:‭7‬ NLT)

#17/21 day challenge


Always before – I came back – with a promise in my hand

This time I came back – holding nothing but a broken heart

And found, Again, The Love I’d always thought I had to earn

I’ve made so many promises. To Him

But time after time, again and again, I’d fail

Those broken promises finally caused my heart to break

And I came back – holding nothing but a broken heart

What  astounds me every morning is the many times He takes me back,
KNOWING FULL WELL there will be more broken promises.

And it was There. It was There. In that dark, broken place. I’m Finally Being Healed

LORD, Keep me Broken!
May I never get so Healed that I forget

When You’ve dressed me in your finest robe
When you’ve killed the fattest calf
When we join the others at the party
When You’ve cried:
Welcome Home, My Son, Welcome Home!”
May I Never Forget! Keep me Broken!

A Broken Heart, Lord, You will not turn away.”
Psalm 51:17

aka – The Prodigal Son
Luke 15:11-32

#14/21 day challenge

POST #100!!!

Friday Mrng FaceBook Inspiration

My FB Friend Angie posted the following this morning:

It was the LOVE I felt that made me WANT to follow,
fall down and keep following,
not the threat of hell

After “liking” the post, I commented with this:

More than 5, less than 6, years ago, God said:

 “Jim, I want to begin teaching U how much I Love U

I HAD NO IDEA!! I thought I did, but… WOW, was I misinformed!
(I refrain from saying “dumb”)

One lesson eliminated the word “MUCH
God’s Love cannot be quantified
It’s not “how much”, it’s “HOW”!
God doesn’t do “MORE”
He just Loves!:

Without Regret!

That was the post’n comment, but Now I find I must continue:

God won’t Love me more tomorrow when(if) I get better

If I am better tomorrow, it will be because I’ve learned (He’s taught me) to Love HIM more
(If I’m not better tomorrow, He still Loves!)

The best part is that He will teach me how to Love Him
One of the ways He wants me to Love Him is to write about it
So I do. Here. On this blog
He’s pleased with me when I write
Hmmm, WOW! I like to journal. I like to write!
Who knew that GOD LIKES it when I do it

So, the way He wants me to Love Him is to do something I like to do?
That’s radical!

Yeah, it’s so radical it’s changed(ing) my life
His Love will do that

For more years than I care to remember, I looked at how other people were Loving God and attempted to copy them so He would Love me the way He Loved them. Then, God said:
Jim, I want to begin teaching YOU how I want YOU to Love Me.”

The way God wants ME to Love Him is not the way He wants others to Love Him
The way He wants YOU to Love Him will be unique to YOU
He WILL teach you
Ask Him

It REALLY IS just that simple!
BUT – it ain’t easy

I’ve stopped working FOR His love and am now working FROM His Love.
Well, to be rigorously honest, I must say:
More than I used to…”

T.B.T. #3 – A Letter from “Daddy”


I wrote this story almost 30 years ago. As I was growing up, I somehow got the idea that God was always watching me – to catch me doing something wrong, and then He would punish me. Yesterday I heard that called “A God Who Keeps Attendance“. a God who keeps score and is just as willing to fail you as He is to let you pass. I now know that He always has his eye on me. but it’s so He can catch me when I fall, comfort me when I fail, and guide me on the best path.

Six years ago, I had a “Heart Attack“. It was emotional and spiritual, not physical.
But it changed my life. Most of all, it change my relationship with God.
With myself. And others. He’s teaching me to “Enjoy the Journey!”

This is an excerpt from the post of Aug 20. 2013
For the complete story, go HERE

My Child:

“I have written a letter to you outlining our relationship. In it I tell you how sons are to live. But don’t get the wrong idea. I give you my Word – not to describe how you are to perform in order for me to be pleased with you. I give you my Word because it is the lifestyle I know will bring you the greatest joy. I understand your weakness. You will falter. You will fail. You will not always (ever) be everything I want you to be. But… you are my son! In your weakness I will be your strength. In the darkness, I will be your light. I will live with you, loving, protecting, guiding, sharing, and giving. Yes, even perfecting. But my presence in your life does not depend upon your perfection, but upon your acceptance of my Love. As long as you allow me to, I will live with you. I will give of myself to you – and to others through you, simply…
Because I Love you.”

“Please, when you read a portion of my letter and see something you have failed at… realize… I do not reject you! Your failure does not affect my Love for you. My only requirement is that you do not run from me. You see, at times, because you are my son, I will discipline you. Learn to accept it. If I do not discipline you, you are not truly my son. However, my discipline is not to punish you for a deed of disobedience, but to reveal to you the depth of my Love.”

“My son, my greatest desire is that you would let me
help you understand the depth of that Love.

7 Things God ALWAYS Says to His Kids

I recently posted “7 Things God NEVER Says…” Now I get to follow up with these…

• 1 – U R LOVED – by Me – in Ways U will / U can Never Understand. Let me Show U How

• 2 – U R more FORGIVEN than U think UR

• 3 – COME! Just as U R. Now! To Me! Today! Just COME! Spend time with Me

• 4 – Don’t change so I will Love U(more), Change BECAUSE U’re Loved – Completely – By ME! 

• 5 – Bring Me Ur Pain, Ur Heartache, Ur Sorrow. Ur Mess. Ur __________ I want to heal it.

• 6 – U don’t have to pay the price (again) – My SON did that! 4U!

• 7 – U can run – but U can’t hide! My eye is upon U. To give U Hope

Bonus # “Who U R is infinitely more important to me than what U do!”

It’s kinda strange, but
I think the NEVER list was easier. I wonder why? I actually had more than 7 of those

Maybe we hear these more often – in our heads, and from others

Maybe we hear these truths more often – in our heads, and from others

Add Ur thoughts… Tell us what God ALWAYS says to U!
or perhaps what U want to hear Him say…

Happiness & Joy

Which comes 1st?
Can we have one without the other?

comes from good happenings in our life.

comes from recognizing God’s Process in our life.

can(will!) sustain us – NO MATTER what’s happening around us

If U’re old enough(like me) U’ll remember the song – “Love”n Marriage… Go together like a horse’n carriage… U can’t have one without the other…” (Frank Sinatra)

It IS possible to have happiness without joy, joy without happiness.
I’ve certainly been known to confuse one for the other.

In the U.S.A., we have the constitutional “right to pursue happiness”. However, there’s no guarantee of finding it. Joy wasn’t even mentioned.

I’ve been attending Celebrate Recovery for almost 6 years. The common practice is to introduce ourselves: “Hi, my name is ‘Jim’. I’m a GRATEFUL believer in Jesus who struggles with…. ________ fillintheblank. Some Monday nights, it was easy to say “I’m grateful” Other nights, those words seemed to get stuck someplace beneath my tonsils. I finally began to realize I was measuring my gratefulness by my happiness. I was measuring my happiness by the good/bad happenings in my life.

NewsFlash: It wasn’t the good/nice things in my life that brought me to CR. It was the painful things. The out-of-control things. In CR language, it was the hurts, habits and gangups. Oops, that’s s’pose to be hangups! But actually, come to think of it, it was when the painful things outweighed the “blessings” that I looked for help. So yeah, I guess it did “gangup” on me.

It took me a long time to begin to recognize that the dark place was a gift. It took me longer to be grateful for the pain. It took even longer to acknowledge that God was using those things that had been ganging up on me to change me.

It’s been a PROCESS! A Process that has brought me more JOY than I knew existed.

I was pursuing happiness (I had a guaranteed legal right to do that) but what I discovered was JOY! I had the cart B4 the horse, or I had my carriage hitched to a goat,


or I was just pulling a broken wheel through the dirt, round’n round in circles.

Whatever, it was a mess.

I finally picked up the pieces of my mess and surrendered. Today, I gladly declare: I AM a GRATEFUL believer in Jesus. My life is not the mess it was. I am in Process – and will be as long as I live on this planet.

Now, the Q becomes: …If(since) I’m blessed, and grateful for it,
how can I in turn share that blessing with Others?

COMPLETE!! But When??

For IN HIM (CHRIST) you have been made COMPLETE!                                                                                       Colossians 2:10

At a Friday morning breakfast, a small group of men have been discussing this Q:

When does a person become Complete in Christ?
Or –
At what point did we, do we, or will we become Complete in Christ?

Throughout the New Testament, (especially Paul’s writings),
there seems to be a great number of promises reserved for those who are
Complete in Christ.



Is it something that will only happen when we get to Heaven?
Is it a goal – Something for which we must continually strive?
Is there a possibility that we are ALREADY Complete in Christ?
Did it happen already? Perhaps…  At The CROSS?

“But”… I hear U say… It couldn’t have already happened, I still sin!

If we are still working toward it,
How do we know when (if) we’re complete?
Can I be “more complete” than you?
How are we ever to know we are “good enough” to be
IIPeter 1:4 NKJV

If it’s something that will happen only after we get to heaven,
What (in the world) do we do in the meantime?
Does it make any difference?


P.S. (hint) At what point does a blossom on a tree become a (complete) apple?
(hint)2… Is there a difference between being complete and maturity?

Please, chime in with Ur thoughts…