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Monday Mrng Musings V

“How is it that some can accept as simple FACT that GOD Loves them?” Why Can’t I?

My Struggle is Real! More so on some days than on others…

The reasons we create in our minds for which God loves us can be a stone tied around our spirit and become a barrier to entering His Presence with boldness and confidence. (Ephesians 3:12)

I have more to say… tomorrow? The Cyclone in my mind is spinning this morning. Give me a day – or two – let’s see if it begins to make enough sense to share. But in the meantime,

Whatcha think??

Do YOU Know this struggle?

Share with us!

Rythyms of GRACE 


I sometimes think my Mom taught me about GRACE while I was still in the womb. I can just imagine seeing her caress the bump that was my first home, saying: “Jimmy, God Loves You!”

Living and growing up in a Pastor’s home, I certainly knew the word. I memorized the scriptures. I could quote all the common definitions and popular acrostics like: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

Unfortunately, my experiential understanding and application of GRACE was SHORT-SIGHTED. I could accept and live in His GRACE when I felt deserving of it – or, if I knew I was coming into a time of desperate need of it. And pursued it.

It was in my times of personal failure that I seemed to lose my awareness of His GRACE. When I felt I was failing to “live up to my potential.”  Or when “my best” seemed to fall short.

It was always easy to see GRACE working for me when life was smiling. But where was GRACE in the dark? When I needed it the most, why did God and His GRACE seem to hide in the shadows? What cruel God liked to play Hide’nSeek with me?

Slowly, I’ve come to learn that GRACE doesn’t depend upon my… my… my… Hmm, D’ya know what, GRACE doesn’t depend upon ME… AT ALL!

I depend upon (His) GRACE!!
All Day, Every Day!

It’s NOT Blind Love…

It’s HIS Choice!

We’re afraid. We think we need to Hide

…From HIM

So often we want to, we try to

We think we might be able to – HIDE

We think (hope) He doesn’t know

We think if He knew He’d make us leave

Pssst… Guess What… He already knows!

EVERYTHING about you

And He Loves You!

Not – “Anyway…”

Not – “In Spite of…”

Not – “Unless you…”

Or – “Until…”

Not – “_____…” #FillInTheBlank

He Simply Loves You!! Period

”The One Who Knows You Best


There IS NO Need to Hide!

There is no PLACE to hide!


1 John 4:10

GoAhead – Take A Step!

Sometimes (Perhaps – Usually? – more often than we wish) we have to
“Just Take That BabyStep” – Without the understanding we’ll gain after taking The Step.

P.S. Sometimes the Path to Understanding is an even longer Process.

But in order to take tomorrow’s BabyStep,
we may need to be where
Today’s Step will take us.

BabyStep after
BabyStep after
BabyStep from
Here to “There”
By Faith