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A.L.S. – Up Close and Personal





From ENTIRE TEAMS with a fire hose, to GRAND GESTURES,
the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE has swept the nation, raising more than
30 times as much as the same period last year!

But the CATLETT Family has experienced “Lou Gehrig’s Disease


Susan Catlett, my incredibly amazing sister-in-law (holding 1st great-grandson, Shepherd James Lewis). One of the most outstanding women I’ve ever known has been fighting ALS the same way she’s always lived her life! With Absolute FaithUplifing Humor and “How can this be used to help others?” She just posted her latest blog in
“Susan’s Steps”
If you want to know more about living with ALS, read her blog.
All 126 posts. From her first stumbling steps to her LittleRedGoChair to Power Chairs.
But be prepared to be challenged
(not by ice buckets, but by her life of faith)

Yes, she shares her thoughts about the Ice Bucket Challenges, but as always,
it’s with “Those who come after me” in her mind.

Susan Catlett1

You can find the beginning of her journey
HERE Susan’s Steps #1


A few months ago, my good friend, Angie posted on FaceBook:

                Someone told me you can know God’s path because it’ll be smooth &
                 filled with certainty. I’m not sure Jesus would agree
.” @John Alan Turner(pastor)

As she’s done before, she set my mind to spinning. She has a very unique way of doing that!

I responded with:

In a recovery meeting today, the topic was “Healing“. As I sat there listening and thinking, I realized that most of the healing in recovery for me has come in my relationships – with myself, with God, and with others. As I am learning to walk in that healing, my life has gotten a lot less hectic and stumbly.

Yes, that’s right, STUMBLY!  I like that word! That’s why I invented it.
It describes my life Pre-Process.

I no longer stumble and fall so hard over the lumps in the carpet I created by the secrets I hid.  My relationship with my past-self is being healed as I have found the safety and courage to stop hiding from it.

I no longer constantly stumble over the things I don’t understand, ’cause I know Somebody who understand everything and He promises to help me understand it when and if I need to.

I no longer stumble so severely over remarks that others say that hurt me, because I’ve come to know it may come from that place deep inside them that hurts like I did(and sometimes still do).

I no longer stumble over my faults. For most (all) of my life, I thought I needed to be better than I was so God would Love me more. As I’ve learned that God.Loves.Me.Just.As.I.Am. I’m amazed at how my faults are just not as important as they used to be. In fact, some of what I thought were my worst character defects have become some of my greatest strengths.

I no longer constantly stumble over people who don’t like me. Or who don’t approve of me. “Hey, this is me… Don’t like it? Let’s see if we can work it out. If we can’t, U go Ur way, I’ll go mine. I refuse to make my life stumbly because U don’t like me“. (I do realize you can’t, and shouldn’t do that with everyone)

I no longer stumble over my relationship with God. Recovery Step 3 says: “We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God…”   All my life I was told: “Be careful, God’s watching you“. I understood that to mean “He’s watching so He can catch you when you do something wrong – and punish you“. Now, I KNOW! He’s watching because He loves me. He wants to catch me, yes, but He wants to catch me when I fall. He wants to guide me. He wants to comfort me. I now KNOW He will discipline me when I need it, not to punish me, but to teach me.

I no longer stumble (so much) over all the things left on my To-Do-List. One of the greatest sources of satisfaction for me has always been My.List!  If, at the end of the day I had lots of red stripes on the page, it was a good day. Frustration arose if I got stuck on something. Today, I am getting better at setting aside My.List! in favor of PEOPLE! My life is richer because of it.

Future Stumbles are no longer a huge worry for me. I’ve seen time and time and time again how God has been there for me and mine. I have seen His RELENTLESS FAITHFULNESS. He has used some of my hardest and most painful days to make my life the way it is today. I can therefore trust Him to continue to do that tomorrow, next week, next year.

OF COURSE, I’d like to still pretend my life is perfect and I never stumble and fall in the pit anymore. But that isn’t my reality. (And neither is it yours) But since the day of my “Heart Attack“, God & I (mostly God) have changed my life in ways I never imagined was possible.


Recently my FaceBook friend Angie posted: “(Are you) About to jump in the pit again? Talk to someone about how you felt last time and how long it took you to get out…

I’ve just spent about a month “in the pit”. I called it a funk. But it wasn’t fun. One of the main characteristic of my times in a pit is that I isolate. I stop sharing. I stopped writing. I stop talking with others. I seem to lose that intimate closeness I’m learning to have with God.

It started when I stepped into a puddle of resentment over how I was being treated. I’d like to say: “before I knew it, I was in over my head“. But I was fully aware of every downward slide. But I just kept at it. I started to wallow in it.

Great word – “Wallow” Say it slowly… W. a. a. l. l. l. o. o. w. w.

Do pictures like these come to mind:?

wallow1   WALLOW2   WASSOW3

The thing is, I was right in my assessment of how I’d been treated. “I had a right to feel this way.” But I picked up my “right-ness” and dug myself a hole with it. I jumped in and just kept digging!

A phrase I heard in a recovery meeting comes to mind: “Do I want to be right? Or would I rather be well“? Resentments destroy me. From the inside out. Resentments fester and grow. Inside me. It pops out in ugly ways. As I try to control the ugliness, I bury the good stuff too. Resentments cause my cyclonic mind to spin in destructive pathways.

EVEN if I’m “right”.    Perhaps – ESPECIALLY if I’m right.

“Lord, forgive me. Thank You for continuing to show me your way of Grace.” Because You are the Source of Grace in my life, I can give Grace to others. You continue to amaze me with your Relentless Faithfulness. To me. You pursue me. Even into a pit of my own making.

Once again, Lord, when I begin to wonder where you are, I find you right there beside me, looking over my shoulder.

Waiting for me to slow down enough to turn from my way back to your embrace.
Then, when I “come back” – You teach me The Better Way!

The Way of Grace