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T.B.T. #7

One of the greatest lies Christians believe is that we have to add to the work of Christ.

In the past, every time that I wanted (needed) to spend time in the Presence of God  I worked harder so he would not turn me away

I knew the presence of God. But it was a place I visited. I longed to dwell there but I never felt like I was good enough long enough to remain.

The final three words that Jesus spoke at the cross was “IT.IS.FINISHED!”

When the Truth of that sentence took the longest journey and moved from my head to my heart and then into my life it changed me! it changed my relationship with God

This link was originally posted on my blog on February 19, 2014. But I wrote it 20+ years ago. I finally learned the truth of it in the deepest part of my being at the absolute blackest, darkest time of my life. I’ve not been the same since.

Please read this post from a year ago and let it invade your heart as it has mine



At the end of the day… It’s just Me’nGod

 At the end of the day… It’s just Me’nGod
and I’m standing (naked) in the middle of the bridge
On my journey of Recovery

The other day while working and sharing with a young man I made this statement

Ralph Sponge
“Ralph” – Oakland Teen Challenge

At some point in your recovery it will be just U’n God

It won’t be U’n your wife. It will no longer be U’n and your counselor. It won’t be U’n Ur small group. It won’t be U’n Ur sponsor. It won’t be U, asking God about today’s problem. It will not be U, seeking a better, easier, more productive life. It will be U!, standing stark naked in the middle of the bridge making the journey from There to Here.

And you will be in exactly the place He wants you.

Until you have stood in the presence of God knowing that you are totally unworthy to be there. And you understand beyond any shadow of a doubt that HE loves you anyway.

You’ve never known the Love of God in the way HE wants you to.

That moment will forever change you.

I’m not talking about the place of isolation to which we as The Brokens tend to go. I’m talking about coming to an end of yourself. We ARE NOT designed by our creator to travel our journey alone. I’m not suggesting we do so. But at the end of the day, at some point of the healing, it WILL BE just – U’nGod.

It was the place King David stood when he penned the 139th Psalm:

Search me, Oh God… And know my heart!

Or, in the words of the old southern spiritual –

‘Tis not my brother, nor my sister, but it’s ME, Oh Lord
standing (naked) in the need of

Life changes at that place. Relationships change at that place. *I* changed in that place. Priorities change in that place. How U see God will change in that place.

Lex, my 11 year old grandson just asked me what “stark” means. I’m sure glad he didn’t ask what “naked” means – lol  – So I looked it up. Actually, I asked “Siri”, on my iPhone. She said –

Devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornments

Stark” naked – before The Lord. That sounds Scary!
Sounds Scary, but in actuality, it’s the best place to be this side of Heaven

Have U been there?
Did He invite U to come and U covered up? Like Adam? Like Eve?
RU afraid to go there?

I am too, EVERY TIME! 

But He keeps asking. 

He keeps inviting. Me. 

He keeps Loving. Me 

He keeps healing. Me 

In that place


Always before – I came back – with a promise in my hand

This time I came back – holding nothing but a broken heart

And found, Again, The Love I’d always thought I had to earn

I’ve made so many promises. To Him

But time after time, again and again, I’d fail

Those broken promises finally caused my heart to break

And I came back – holding nothing but a broken heart

What  astounds me every morning is the many times He takes me back,
KNOWING FULL WELL there will be more broken promises.

And it was There. It was There. In that dark, broken place. I’m Finally Being Healed

LORD, Keep me Broken!
May I never get so Healed that I forget

When You’ve dressed me in your finest robe
When you’ve killed the fattest calf
When we join the others at the party
When You’ve cried:
Welcome Home, My Son, Welcome Home!”
May I Never Forget! Keep me Broken!

A Broken Heart, Lord, You will not turn away.”
Psalm 51:17

aka – The Prodigal Son
Luke 15:11-32

#14/21 day challenge

POST #100!!!

7 Things God ALWAYS Says to His Kids

I recently posted “7 Things God NEVER Says…” Now I get to follow up with these…

• 1 – U R LOVED – by Me – in Ways U will / U can Never Understand. Let me Show U How

• 2 – U R more FORGIVEN than U think UR

• 3 – COME! Just as U R. Now! To Me! Today! Just COME! Spend time with Me

• 4 – Don’t change so I will Love U(more), Change BECAUSE U’re Loved – Completely – By ME! 

• 5 – Bring Me Ur Pain, Ur Heartache, Ur Sorrow. Ur Mess. Ur __________ I want to heal it.

• 6 – U don’t have to pay the price (again) – My SON did that! 4U!

• 7 – U can run – but U can’t hide! My eye is upon U. To give U Hope

Bonus # “Who U R is infinitely more important to me than what U do!”

It’s kinda strange, but
I think the NEVER list was easier. I wonder why? I actually had more than 7 of those

Maybe we hear these more often – in our heads, and from others

Maybe we hear these truths more often – in our heads, and from others

Add Ur thoughts… Tell us what God ALWAYS says to U!
or perhaps what U want to hear Him say…

7 Things God Never Says to His Kids

If anyone ever says these things to U, It’s not the Voice of God speaking…

I’ve discovered that most of the time, it’s “me” – “Sir James” saying these things to myself, thinking I’m hearing from God…

1• Sorry, U missed Ur appointment, so I don’t have time for U today, come back again tomorrow. But… be sure to call back and make an appointment. I might be busy again.

2• Lets play Hide’nSeek – I’ll go first, bet U can’t find me! Count to infinity+1 before U start looking.

3• Uh, ‘Jim’ – Jim, who? I forget.

4• Oh No, Not U again! Oh, man!! I am getting so fed up with U!

5• After all I’ve done for U, U still just don’t get it, do U!

6• I sure wish U were more like Ur brother….

7• Ur Grace and Mercy accounts are seriously overdrawn! U need to make some deposits immediately.

Ok, just one more…

8• I just Unfriended U!

I’m sure there’s more – Please add Ur’s as a comment…

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COMPLETE!! But When??

For IN HIM (CHRIST) you have been made COMPLETE!                                                                                       Colossians 2:10

At a Friday morning breakfast, a small group of men have been discussing this Q:

When does a person become Complete in Christ?
Or –
At what point did we, do we, or will we become Complete in Christ?

Throughout the New Testament, (especially Paul’s writings),
there seems to be a great number of promises reserved for those who are
Complete in Christ.



Is it something that will only happen when we get to Heaven?
Is it a goal – Something for which we must continually strive?
Is there a possibility that we are ALREADY Complete in Christ?
Did it happen already? Perhaps…  At The CROSS?

“But”… I hear U say… It couldn’t have already happened, I still sin!

If we are still working toward it,
How do we know when (if) we’re complete?
Can I be “more complete” than you?
How are we ever to know we are “good enough” to be
IIPeter 1:4 NKJV

If it’s something that will happen only after we get to heaven,
What (in the world) do we do in the meantime?
Does it make any difference?


P.S. (hint) At what point does a blossom on a tree become a (complete) apple?
(hint)2… Is there a difference between being complete and maturity?

Please, chime in with Ur thoughts…


“Be” Holy

Tim Harrison is becoming one of my favorite fellow bloggers. In my reply to him a few days ago, I said: “it’s like Ur heart is beating in my chest and U’re reading my mind. Either that, or we’re both listening to the same Spirit.”

This is in reply to his latest post – U can read it here

Tim – Ur postings are quickly becoming my 2nd favorite morning word.
(maybe 3rd, if my wife wakes up before I read U’re post)

For most of my life, I thought HOLY was something I had to become“.
Unfortunately, my focus was always on what and why I wasn’t.

“I don’t….” “I must stop…” “Why do I keep…” “Why can’t I…” “Will I ever…”

I finally reached the end… I finally admitted I couldn’t!
I’d NEVER measure up.
I’d NEVER become holy enough.
A very dark place was pulling hard.

…And God said:

“FINALLY!!! U’re right where I want U!”
“NOW I can begin to teach U what U already ARE!”

He’s delivering(ed) me from my religion of “performancism
He’s teaching me about His Love and Grace.
I HAD NO IDEA!! I thought I did, but –
HOW He Loves me.
is His Grace!