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“Almost Done, But First…”

‘Twas late afternoon on the 6th day. God knew it was time to send His Son into the garden to spend the evening walking with Adam’n Eve. But first…

He called His arch angels to His side, because He had just one more quick idea.

He stepped to the edge of heaven and said: “Watch this”… Extending His hand way up into what centuries later would be called Utah, He scratched a line in the earth with His little finger.

As Gabriel watched in Awe’n Amazement, (this may have been the first ever A.A. meeting) Micheal declared: “WOW! God, That’s GRAND!!”


I grew up singing: “I surrender, I surrender all!”  We were encouraged to completely commit the rest of our lives to Him – NOW! Today!!

That may have been just my perception, but that’s what I kept trying to do.

Tried, couldn’t do it.  Wanted to. Kept falling down. Didn’t know what to do with my failure. Wanted to quit trying. Did…, for awhile.

Now I know. Now I (am beginning to) understand – Better!


God takes what we can give to Him TODAY and waits patiently until tomorrow becomes today and we get to do it again. And… again, the next day! And…

In the meantime, He asks us to just take a walk.

With Him. With His Son. Jesus. His Holy Spirit goes too.

  • Pay attention, son. I have something important to tell you.

“There is now therefore NO CONDEMNATION, (Anger, Impatience, Rejection) toward us – from Him.”


More often than not, it’s the LITTLE THINGS I do that make a difference in my life and marriage.


For YEARS, I constantly had to pick up the soap when I was taking a shower. Most of the time, it was not because I dropped it, but because it slipped off the rack. No matter how carefully I placed the bar on the rack, it slid off. My wife got used to the sound of the bar hitting the basin, followed shortly thereafter by my grimace and groan as I bent over to pick it up.

The older I got, the more I groaned.

Then, one day I took a GOOD look at why this was happening. I saw the rack in a new way. I discovered one minor adjustment was all that was needed. The rack is designed with 5 bars… I pushed the front one up 1/8 of an inch. TaDa!!!   IT STAYED!!! Ever since that day, the only time I have to pick up the soap is when it slips out of my hand. My entire life is SO MUCH BETTER!!!! My frustration level is almost zero!! Well, in the shower, at least!!

If I take that lesson and apply it to the rest of my life, I find the same truth… It’s usually (more often than not) the minor adjustments that make the biggest lasting difference.

Sometimes, we need to see the situation through different eyes. (not recommended when showering) Sharing the hurts, habits and hang-ups of our past or present difficulties can lead to new insight from others. Discussing future plans with wise connections (U DO have some of those people U can call, right?) can help U make better decisions. Just taking time to get past the familiar frustrations can lead to a time of new perspective.

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a 1/8″ push in the right direction to bring an end to life-long frustrations! Go ahead – take a new look! I dare you!! What is your daily frustration? Yeah, that one, the one that just came to your mind!!

Baby Steps.
You didn’t get to where you are in one giant leap.
Take a Baby Step. Today!
Then, take the rest of the day off.
When Tomorrow becomes Today, do it again.
Repeat Daily!

7 What If’s?!

Have U seen the movie yet?


It’s perhaps the biggest What If?” ever debated –
What if God is dead?
What if God (and Heaven) isn’t real?
Personally,  I’ve never seen a need to debate it,
but there are a few other “What If’s” about God I’ve pondered:


• …U’re already as Forgiven (by God) as U’re ever going to be?

• …God already Loves U as much right now as He ever will?

• …The only thing God really needs from U is for U to spend time – with His Son?

• …God wants U to work WITH Him instead of FOR Him?

• …God doesn’t remember WHAT He forgave U of – He just remembers WHY?

• …God can use Ur past to touch others at the place of their deepest pain?

• …God wants U to stop trying to get Him to like U?

…Now, share with all of us… Tell us the biggest What If U ponder…



It’s HIS Choice!!

Early this morning, I sent the following text to a friend going through difficult times:
(Physical, emotional, legal, and of course, mental ‘n spiritual)

“Just a morning reminder for U – God Loves U.
He Loves U today as much as he ever has or ever will!!”

He replied:      “He loves U more.” 

I’m not sure if he was serious or not.
In the past, I might would have been tempted to agree with him.
After all, I was always trying so hard – to get God to love me more.
This morning, though, I replied to my friend with this thought:  

“It’s taken me a lifetime to begin to understand –
He Loves me because HE CHOOSES to.
Not BECAUSE of any of my choices. Or efforts!” 

There is nothing I can do to get God to love me.
More than He already does and always will.
Or less!! than he already does and always will.


Just because HE CHOOSES to!
Because – It is Finished!
Romans 8:38

I am learning to – He’s teaching me to – Love Him back. Itreallyisjustthatsimple!

…simple, yes, but it ain’t always easy! I keep getting in the way.

Why do I Trust?

“God isn’t going to let you see tomorrow before it’s time….
So you might as well quit looking….”

My life-long quest to understand more of God had become a futile search that never led to me trusting Him. Then I discovered – I did not have to understand everything in order to trust His Love for me. As I came to trust His Love for me, I was able to surrender my quest for understanding into His Care. For me!

He now brings me understanding as He knows I need it.
I can trust Him to do that.
That lets me love Him,

He Loves me. He wants me to love Him back.
He does all the rest!!