PSALMS 23 (original)

    Today’s wakeup thought:

Psalms 23

       The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.”

He calls me to lie down in green pasture.”
…Instead of struggling’n striving for MORE.

He restores my soul
..For Today, Just.For.Today, I choose to be grateful….
When tomorrow becomes today, I’ll Just – do it again.

I will fear no evil
…He makes ALL things work together for good, because I AM HIS BELOVED!

His rod’n His staff comfort me
…He’s the one who knows me best.
…He knows the best’n the worst of me
…He’s still the one who Loves me most. (Infinity+1)
…He protects, comforts and guides me.

He prepares a table and invites me to sit at it.”
…Every morning, He waits for me in this quiet place.
…He invites me to sit here while He quiets my thoughts.
(some of my greatest enemies live in my head.)

I am confident that goodness and mercy will follow me.”
…I can trust the rest of my life to Him. …One day at a time!

And I will DWELL in this place for the rest of my life.”
…Today is the first day of Forever with Him.
…He promises to Never Leave me, Never forsake me!

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