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“Be” Holy

Tim Harrison is becoming one of my favorite fellow bloggers. In my reply to him a few days ago, I said: “it’s like Ur heart is beating in my chest and U’re reading my mind. Either that, or we’re both listening to the same Spirit.”

This is in reply to his latest post – U can read it here

Tim – Ur postings are quickly becoming my 2nd favorite morning word.
(maybe 3rd, if my wife wakes up before I read U’re post)

For most of my life, I thought HOLY was something I had to become“.
Unfortunately, my focus was always on what and why I wasn’t.

“I don’t….” “I must stop…” “Why do I keep…” “Why can’t I…” “Will I ever…”

I finally reached the end… I finally admitted I couldn’t!
I’d NEVER measure up.
I’d NEVER become holy enough.
A very dark place was pulling hard.

…And God said:

“FINALLY!!! U’re right where I want U!”
“NOW I can begin to teach U what U already ARE!”

He’s delivering(ed) me from my religion of “performancism
He’s teaching me about His Love and Grace.
I HAD NO IDEA!! I thought I did, but –
HOW He Loves me.
is His Grace!