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Me? Bless God?

I awoke with this thought this morning! (@ 5:15) 😜 💤💤

Do I bless GOD when I spend time with Him? Or, how ‘bout this… is there a part of God’s heart (life) that is lonely when I get too busy for Him?

Wow, I sure don’t have an answer yet this morning. But that’s usually how this hotel (cyclone) in my head works. In drops a Q such as this, my mind begins to spin, and sooner or later, “I” discover something new.

So, whatcha think? If God is God, #He.Is,I’m.Not, then how can He need ANYTHING from me? But He made us “in His Image.” Is the need for interaction with others a HUMAN trait, or is it part of His image created in us?

Barbara Horwege, our first Pastor’s wife after we got out of the Air Force almost 50 years ago told me, “Jim, you think too much!” Nailed me!!!

All I know and understand this morning is, it BLESSES ME when I spend time with Him. Is it reciprocated?

Have a GREAT Day, my friends!! Don’t think TOO much, but share with the rest of us! Pretend we’re sitting across from each other at the corner table in Walnut Creek ButterCup.

She Isn’t Cured, But She’s Been Healed!

Last week, she signed up to follow my blog. (Tribe member #55 for me) I became #900 for her!! I’m so jealous!! lol

Today she was used by God to help me better understand something He’s been teaching me for 6 years!! 

Check it out: 



A year ago last week, I blogged about finding Treasure in the Trash. I’ve learned that when I bury the painful parts of my life, I ALWAYS bury some of the good that surrounds it.


That part of me I use to protect myself from the Hurts, Habits and Hangups that come from living this thing called LIFE can’t always tell the difference.

For the past 6+ years, I’ve been intentional about sorting out the lumpy carpet of my journey. (I got tired of tripping) I have discovered and recovered some Gold I thought was gone forever.


How’bout U?

Do U have some GOLD hidden in Ur past?
Have U done some digging and found some?
Share Ur times of toil with us!
Tell us about the treasure!


Don’t dig alone

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