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GRACE #45/50

 •  GRACE is not (only) a lake or reservoir built up behind a dam or a well to which we can go and dip out what is needed.      GRACE is a River that looks for a valley to flow through. As the river flows, it cleanses, purifies, nourishes and deepens in ways that ONLY God can do.       In order for GRACE to complete it’s work, it must Flow Through the valley into the lives of others.

(From #50ShadesofGrace, coming soon)


I spent 50+ years trying to figure out and UNDERSTAND my life. I could take U to the recovery room, I could show U the light that came on as I read step #3 that said “Turn Ur life and will over to the care of a loving God as U understand Him.”

I thought: “I can never understand God. If I could, I’d be God. He is and I’m not.” 

So I decided to stop trying to understand. 

It was as if I stepped thru a gate that had been locked. That decision set me free in ways that I did not know (understand) I had been bound. 

I discovered that MY UNDERSTANDING was not the important thing. I became able to Trust (God) in ways that had been beyond me. 

In the coming months, I found out it was MY EGO that had been driving my QUEST to understand. 

I’ve said it before, it’s still true: GOD and my EGO are not compatible. I find that strange, because they are roommates. They both live inside of me. 


Why do I Trust?

“God isn’t going to let you see tomorrow before it’s time….
So you might as well quit looking….”

My life-long quest to understand more of God had become a futile search that never led to me trusting Him. Then I discovered – I did not have to understand everything in order to trust His Love for me. As I came to trust His Love for me, I was able to surrender my quest for understanding into His Care. For me!

He now brings me understanding as He knows I need it.
I can trust Him to do that.
That lets me love Him,

He Loves me. He wants me to love Him back.
He does all the rest!!