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Me? Bless God?

I awoke with this thought this morning! (@ 5:15) 😜 💤💤

Do I bless GOD when I spend time with Him? Or, how ‘bout this… is there a part of God’s heart (life) that is lonely when I get too busy for Him?

Wow, I sure don’t have an answer yet this morning. But that’s usually how this hotel (cyclone) in my head works. In drops a Q such as this, my mind begins to spin, and sooner or later, “I” discover something new.

So, whatcha think? If God is God, #He.Is,I’m.Not, then how can He need ANYTHING from me? But He made us “in His Image.” Is the need for interaction with others a HUMAN trait, or is it part of His image created in us?

Barbara Horwege, our first Pastor’s wife after we got out of the Air Force almost 50 years ago told me, “Jim, you think too much!” Nailed me!!!

All I know and understand this morning is, it BLESSES ME when I spend time with Him. Is it reciprocated?

Have a GREAT Day, my friends!! Don’t think TOO much, but share with the rest of us! Pretend we’re sitting across from each other at the corner table in Walnut Creek ButterCup.

Why do I Trust?

“God isn’t going to let you see tomorrow before it’s time….
So you might as well quit looking….”

My life-long quest to understand more of God had become a futile search that never led to me trusting Him. Then I discovered – I did not have to understand everything in order to trust His Love for me. As I came to trust His Love for me, I was able to surrender my quest for understanding into His Care. For me!

He now brings me understanding as He knows I need it.
I can trust Him to do that.
That lets me love Him,

He Loves me. He wants me to love Him back.
He does all the rest!!